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Terraform provider: group_id stored as external_id in Terraform state


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  • Official comment

    Rodrigo Juan Collavo our most recent release includes updated functionality to solve this issue. 

    We now only accept the group_id value and we've created logic to handle external_id automatically so now external_id is read only. Before this change if you hadn't specified the external_id value in config section you would receive a notification from Terraform each time you updating config/applying changes. Now it will just be stored by us automatically and you don't need to think about it again!

    Rodrigo Juan Collavo - thanks so much for the note, I'm working with engineering to determine the next steps here and will get back to you. Next time that you have a bug, please submit a support ticket because that will get you the best responsiveness, our feature request backlog is long and we're slowly chipping away at it with our product team whereas we have tons of support folks who can help to get you an outcome for bugs much faster.

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