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Connector Improvement: Shopify Sales Channel via GraphQL


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    Ray User

    Hi Julene,

    This sounds like something we should probably support. I've added this to our backlog and we'll update this thread with news as soon as we can.

    Is there any word on when this will be available?  Is there anything in any other tables I can use to get at this information.  I have to filter data to just the online store...

    When can we expect an update on the status of this item's place on the backlog?

    We pretty desperately need this feature - I can't seem to find this in the shopify data fivetran is syncing for us right now

    Hi everyone with this problem-- it is the app_id field in the orders table, it just doesn't have names only the number.

    Hi Julene, we're realizing that is the case. Do you have any method to find the names of the Apps? Does the rest/graphql API have any calls that will return the names? 

    In our app we need to be able to map the app_id / sales channel to a "wholesale" sales channel for tax reporting. So we need to be able to show our users the list of possible channels in our UI and let them choose which channels are wholesale or retail. Only showing App ID will not be useful in this context.

    Unsure if anyone found a better solution but this may help some :