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Connector Improvement: Oracle source ANYDATA, CLOB, BLOB, NCLOB etc data ingestion into BQ


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    Hi Henry,

    Thanks for your post in our feature request portal!

    We are currently working on a new Oracle database connector that leverages the capabilities of both Fivetran and HVR which will support CLOB, BLOB, and NCLOB data types!

    Currently, we support only Snowflake as a destination (in private preview) and BigQuery is on our roadmap, although I don't have an exact date to share at this time.

    I am not quite familiar with the ANYDATA type, would you have more information on your use case for this?

    attached screenshot from source itself as a Oracle datatype option...

    Oracle's definition...


    This type contains an instance of a given type, with data, plus a description of the type. ANYDATA can be used as a table column data type and lets you store heterogeneous values in a single column. The values can be of SQL built-in types as well as user-defined types."

    when can we expect the Oracle connector to a Snowflake destination to support CLOBs?