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Connector Improvement: utm_campaign for Iterable campaigns


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    Hi Suela Isaj, Drew from the product team here.

    Thanks for this request. Is this a standard field? I don't see it documented by Iterable:

    I'm adding this to backlog for now, but we'll definitely take a look at whether we are receiving this property via the API.

    Hi Drew,

    Yes, apparently Iterable does not offer it yet.

    I have contacted them as well regarding this, so yes, please put it in backlog and I can come back to you once I see a positive development from them.

    Kind regards


    Hi Suela Isaj, I wanted to follow up on our internal investigation. It looks like utm data is available in the EMAIL_TEMPLATE_HISTORY table via the "google_analytics_campaign_name" field. You might try that field via a join to the CAMPAIGN_HISTORY table for now until Iterable adds support more broadly.

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