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Connector Improvement: Elasticsearch: Support AWS hosted Opensearch


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    Hello Jason,

    Thanks for your post here! Our first launch of Elasticsearch only included Elastic Cloud and self-hosted Elasticsearch, as you mentioned.

    I have good news that we are committed to launching Opensearch support in Q2! So this new connector should be available before the end of July.

    Could you share more details on your Opensearch version? Are you using the legacy Elasticsearch versions (aka OpenDistro) or the new Opensearch versions (

    I believe I have an email from someone on your team that says you are using OpenDistro 7.7, but it doesn't hurt to confirm.

    Kevin Kim Thanks for the response! That's great to hear!

    We are currently using legacy Elasticsearch 7.x versions (OpenDistro). I'm not sure on the timeline to move to OpenSearch for us currently, so if this could also support OpenDistro that would be fantastic. In either case we'd love to see an approach that allows for the use of IAM roles to facilitate access as an option, either via a bastion similar to other connectors or OIDC.

    Thank you!