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Connector Improvement: [Email Connector] Allow users to accept/reject non-conforming files from email connector

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    Hello Brandon

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this need. I'm curious about how you would want to let us know about the correct format to expect? Or would you want to manually review every file before it gets processed?

    I'm wondering how common is this problem and what you end up having to do to deal with it when it does occur? 
    I'm trying to get a better feel of the severity of the problem to help with our prioritization on the issue.



    Agree with Brandon - generally find the email connector to be very inflexible. If a new column comes in or a file is sent by error, it's very difficult to debug or adjust the files. Inferred data types can also pose issues. I end up having to recreate the sync and generate a new schema, which then requires a full backfill from the previous connector which can cause headaches. The ability to handle these changes over time and remove faulty files would be great!

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