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Connector Improvement: Adding for Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console connector


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    Hi Anoop Kumar, Drew from the Product Team here.

    We're currently working on supporting custom reports for Google Search Console, which will allow you to create any report you need. I'm going to mark this as planned as it will provide support for the dimensions you are looking for.

    Hi Team,

    What is the timeline for this feature to be live?

    Hi Anoop, it will be live later this quarter. I would expect 2-3 months.

    Is there an update on when this is planned? 
    It's imperative for SEO nowadays and reporting on it via the visualization tools in an integrated fashion is more valuable. eg. Using it in the same view as GA4, Looker, PowerBI, etc, to show the code, pages, images that are slowing down the site. This is useful to Marketing, Development, and UX/UI teams trying to improve any app.