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Other: Implement Schema Config in Terraform Provider


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    Hi Erika Pullum, this is now live! Let us know what you think, we're excited to get this in customer's hands and gather feedback.

    Connector Schema Config Docs

    Thank you for the original request, keep them coming!


    Hi Erika Pullum, we're currently implementing this feature now and will update here when its ready!

    Hi Jimmy, would it be possible to implement a parameter to fivetran_connector resource which would automatically trigger schema fetching? Similar to run_setup_tests

    I would like to block & hash columns using Terraform before starting initial sync.


    I would like to piggy back on this as well. Our org is looking at having to deliver some tables in packed mode, but the Terraform provider does not currently expose this option, even with the recent updates. Can this be added?


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