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Connector Improvement: SQL DB - CT vs CDC Toggle

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    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your post in our feature requests portal!

    I agree that the current behavior should not default to CT when both CT and CDC are enabled for a given table in SQL Server. Rather than a configuration option, would you prefer for the default to be CDC when both are enabled, and then use CT for any tables that do not have CDC enabled?

    I have provided this feedback to our engineering team and we will work on rolling out a change to this behavior gradually.

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, I personally would prefer that because CDC is faster by design.  I doubt other users would prefer CT over CDC, but I thought the option might make it easier for every user.  It would also highlight the options available to them, hence why the toggle gives incredible visibility.  So there are really two asks: 1) make it easier to use CDC and 2) make it more obvious what is being used in Fivetran (CT v CDC).  Currently, the only way to know which is being used in Fivetran is by looking at the logs, reading the SQL statement being run, and understanding what the aliases CT and CDC mean.

    Thanks for getting back to me!

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