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Dashboard Improvement: Allow allow more fine grained alerting


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    This is super critical as 5 hours is a long time to go by before we know that there is potential an issue happening. If this happens end of day, we could miss reporting following morning as data would be stale.

  • Andrew Morse User

    Kevin McCarthy - Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at improving our logic as part of a Q2 project. I'd love to get your insight into if what we're looking to build will address your needs. Is that something you'd be willing to talk through? If so, I'll reach out via email.

  • Andrew Morse User

    Prachi Sharma - Same to you. Would you be willing to discuss our plan on addressing this?

    Absolutely, very curious to learn what the plans are to address this. Kevin and I are same teams, so anything we can help to collaborate on this if its useful let us know.