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Other: Ability to provide access to "Uploads" section to roles

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    Hi Sreeprada,

    Thank you for sharing your requests with us. I'd love to understand more about how you hope to use this 'upload' role? Can you share a little more about how your company is structured that you want to be able assign this functionality separately to other Fivetran access?
    Also would the magic folders connectors need to be grouped into this role as well?

    Part of the reason I ask is long term these 2 unusual 'upload' connectors are not likely to be points or investment. 

    Thank you once again


    Thank you Alison, magic folders is a good workaround.

    However, we are having to initiate a google drive connector and the csv to be uploaded on the google drive.

    Also, it's been difficult to load multiple folder's files to the same schema.

    Hi Sreeprada,

    When you say "it's been difficult to load multiple folder's files to the same schema" are you looking to combine multiple files into the same table - perhaps over a period of time eg the files come in 1x a week? - or is it some other use case? could you share more please?

    You also mention having to get the csv uploaded to google drive - can you tell us more about where/how the csv file comes to you today?

    Thank you so much for sharing these details its help us build the best product we possibly can.


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