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Connector Improvement: Snapchat Conversion Source Type


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    Hi Rebecca Hartlage, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Thanks for submitting this request. I found the corresponding Snapchat Ads API endpoint here. Are these conversion breakouts something you would like to see in the reporting tables at all levels (campaign, ad squad, ad)?

    I'll be putting this in the backlog for now but will continue to monitor demand from this feature request. 

    Calvin yes, we would like to see this at all reporting levels. Any update on getting this feature added?

    Thanks for confirming, Rebecca Hartlage. We don't have this planned but I'll investigate the engineering effort required and see if we can prioritize this feature improvement in a coming quarter. 

    Hi there, I'm also interested in seeing this feature added! We have media that drives to both app and web (depending on a few diff things) and we'd like to be able to report out on this.

    Thanks for the context Jack Atherton. Can you please click the 'Upvote' button on this feature request as this is how we keep track of demand. Thanks!

    Hi, Is there any updated ETA on when conversion_source_types will be added to the Snapchat connector?