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Connector Improvement: Adding Page Event Metrics & Conversion Level Breakdown for TikTok


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    Hi Paul Chynoweth, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Thanks for this request and for providing the message and links from your email thread with Dipen. We don't have this planned at the moment but we are looking into providing additional metrics to the Tiktok connector in the future. I'll be tracking demand via this feature request. Stay tuned for more information!

    Page events metrics is the only way we can get off site conversion values (revenue) which is needed to calculate VERY important metrics like return on ad spend. For our purposes, this TikTok connection is incomplete without this table. We will have to continue to use our own in house connection until this is built out. 

    We use Page events to get conversion data, such as complete payment. Without this table under TikTok schema, we couldn't include important campaign metrics/performance in the reports.   

    adding on to this request. ad revenue from the page event metrics is one of the standard KPIs for digital marketing.