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Connector Improvement: Configurable Recurly API Limit

Not planned

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    Hi Dave - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. We carefully consider all requests to add configuration to Fivetran connectors and don't currently support functionality to configure the API limits on our connectors. Additional configuration comes at the real cost of increased code complexity and increased maintenance effort. That results in fewer new connectors and features we can develop.



    Please consider that anyone one pulling data from Recurly is going to have this same issue if they are also using the Recurly API for integration.  In our case, we have created a micro service to interact with Recurly.  This service handles authorization requests as well as subscription purchases.  Unfortunately, even though we use two different Recurly API Keys, there is no way to prioritize one over the other.

    The other day, we did a mass update of accounts in Recurly that resulted in Fivetran taking over 12 hours to sync the data.  Many times during this period, the Recurly API was running at the max limit and Fivetran extractions were impacting subscription authorization times.

    Naturally, our first choice would be for Recurly to build in the ability to prioritize each API Key as Batch or Interactive workloads but in the interim, it seems that a configurable API Limit percentage on the connector would be a good solution.