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Connector Improvement: Google Search Console Connector Improvement


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    Hi Abhimanyu Mahajan, Drew from the Product Team here!

    I'd be happy to work on getting additional fields added, could you confirm again which table you are referring to? Are you referring to the SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE table?

    The table you referenced is not in our schema.

    Hi Drew

    Yes, I wanted the page column to be added in the "site_report_by_page" table, to get the right number of clicks per page.


    We have the same problem, where the SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE and KEYWORD_SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE tables don't include page URLs so we can't tell which page each row is for, making those tables unusable for us in their current state.

    After contacting Fivetran support about this, it appears this issue might be specific to the newer "domain properties" added to Google Search Console in 2019 (versus the older "URL-prefix properties"), but I've confirmed the Google Search Console API for those reports can return page URLs for domain properties if `PAGE` is specified as one of the dimensions.

    So we'd also like a PAGE column to be added to the SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE and KEYWORD_SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE tables.

    Hi Drew, Do we have any updates on this product improvement ? 

    I've belatedly realized that the PAGE_REPORT and KEYWORD_PAGE_REPORT tables contain the page-specific data I was looking for in the SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE tables, and that the SITE_REPORT_BY_PAGE tables appropriately aggregate at the site level with "by page" referring to using Google's particular "aggregate by page" method of calculating the metrics, so I've removed my upvote for this request.

    Hi Sean, were you able to get a workaround for this? Everything Abhimanyu is saying is exactly my current situation!

    The workaround at the time was to use the PAGE_REPORT and KEYWORD_PAGE_REPORT tables.

    However, if you're using BigQuery, Google Search Console now has a native export to BigQuery, which is what we've switched to using.

    Both of those tables are not reflecting what the Google Search Console is showing by clicks by page the number of clicks is always off between the two.