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    Hi Matthew, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for this request, it looks like we must have missed out on providing basic statistics like this in the connector. I'll look into how we can support this and update you once we have prioritized it.

    Excellent, thank you!

    This would be very useful for my team as well! 

    The networkSizes endpoint provides the current value, but this is not currently ingested by the Fivetran connector.  It would be excellent if Fivetran could query this endpoint for us, and track historical values over time.

    We attempted to recreate this metric by taking a cumulative sum of `time_bound_follower_statistic.follower_gains_[paid|organic]_gain`, but that approach seems to yield a higher value than the # reported on the LinkedIn frontend.  

    Also would love to have this functionality. Definitely a basic statistic that I'd like to see supported! Drew any progress on getting this supported?

    Hi any progress on this additional endpoint? It's like the first and most basic metric you'd like to calculate from this source. 

    We also would like this feature. The daily log is useful, but we need the current total for a number of calculations.

    oddly enough, (select sum(follower_counts_organic_follower_count) from linkedin_company_page.followers_by_country) gave me the correct total follower count.

    Hi everyone, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Would a table similar to TOTAL_PAGE_STATISTICS but for follower count be sufficient? 

    I think just a column in TOTAL_PAGE_STATISTICS would be fine.

    edit: or 2 columns for organic vs paid if you felt so inclined.


    If you were to make a complete follower table, it would be very useful to have the name, title, current employer, day followed, and the other slices included (country, region, seniority, etc.) for identifying VIPs/leads. I had made a separate request here for that.

    Hi Brenton,

    Thanks for the response. I don't believe the LinkedIn API endpoint we use to retrieve follower metrics contains this data. In addition, the Organization Lookup API which can be used to obtain total follower count only returns a single field called 'firstDegreeSize' (followers). 

    I'll investigate whether there's an existing endpoint that contains the data you requested but if you are already aware of one please let us know. 

    Any word on this? I have tried totaling the followers by country, but that doesn't give me the right number.

    Any update here? It would be very helpful to have the total follower count available :) 

    Is there an update to this?