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Connector Improvement: HubSpot - Support company-contact associations

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    Hi, Drew from the product team here.

    We're currently working on some improvements to how we pull associations to support custom association labels (Hubspot Knowledge Base).

    I'll make sure that associations between standard objects are also included in that improvement.

    Same here. Something you could look into is the contacts.property_associatedcompanyid property from HubSpot (in the "Contacts" table synced by FiveTran. I think it's a hidden property, so no one can change it. It works perfectly for one company, but not for multiple (which is the issue I'm currently running into). 

    Plus one from me as well. Would be great to get a response on whether this data is on the roadmap otherwise we'll need to look at alternate services for syncing hubspot data.

    Fyi for our use case it's crucial to know the type of association created as well as the company that it was created with.

    same request here - definitely we need to have the entity "associations" included for querying the data on the destination in a proper way.