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Dashboard Improvement: Dashboard Improvement: Feature Request to add schedule all connectors at ones

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  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Vadim Nirenberg - Thanks for the feature request. Can you help me understand what you mean by "rescheduling a connector"? What do you specifically do on each connector to "reschedule" them? 

    Hi Andrew,
    On connector setup tab we have Sync Frequency which we have to setup for each connector individually. This give us a great deal of flexibility.

    Most often (if not always) we need to change the time interval on all connectors to the same value. Having some dial on connectors main page like Sync Frequency All would save time.

    Another improvement I see if we could switch between connectors via drop-down, getting to the same page without going to the common connectors page. For example I am on setup tab in stg_res connector. I want to get to the same setup page on stg_asm connector. Currently I have to click on connector in left panel, click on stg_asm connector, click on setup tab, and time for rendering the screen adds up. If I could select stg_asm in drop down and stay on the same setup tab, it would be much faster.