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Connector Improvement: ADP workforce now connector Timecard data


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    Hi Bo - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. This is an improvement we hope to begin working on in Q1. I will reach out when we have more details on testing! 



    Hello Erin, We'd appreciate an update as this feature is critical for our business!

    Its now Q2 any update on this

    Hi All - Really appreciate your continued interest in this feature! It definitely has my attention. We haven't been able to prioritize this feature due to conflicting work. 

    I don't have a timeline yet, but will be able to re-evaluate once the current schema for ADP is Generally Available. 

    Appreciate your continued patience! 

    We need the timecard data as quickly as possible. Any update?

    Adding to this. Would add a lot of value for our organization to track timecard data from ADP workforce now.

    Would love an update on this timeline. I was originally told Q1 of 2023 and it is now almost halfway through Q3 of 2023. 

    Hi all, 

    Timecard data is live for ADP