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Connector Improvement: Unchecked table in schema UI: Need ability to remove from the UI

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    Hi Lisa Ward - Thanks for the feature request. Can you elaborate more on why you want to prevent this table from being accidentally selected, i.e. is it due to it containing sensitive data or to avoid increases MAR? 

    Hi Lisa Ward - is it possible to revoke "usage" privileges (or whatever is in your application/database) from the Fivetran user/role?

    If the user doesn't have sufficient privileges to "see" the table, I don't think it can show up in the Schema UI. If you revoke "read" privileges, it can be seen but not selected for syncing.


    Privileges were already revoked on that table for user that FiveTran uses; however, if anyone would grant the access again to that user, that table could be selected for ingest again.

    I opened this "feature request" based on the response from the support person working the case I opened.



    Lisa Ward Got it - thanks!

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