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Connector Improvement: Add comments to the Facebook pages connector


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  • Official comment

    Hi everyone, Luke from the Product team!

    We've completed the rollout of the new POST_COMMENT_HISTORY table and a new comment_count field to the POST_HISTORY table. You can see our updated ERD here: Facebook Pages ERD.


    Hi Stephen, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for making this suggestion, it's definitely something we'll look into for inclusion in a future quarter.

    This would be super beneficial to our team, as well! Along with clicks and shares.

    Hello, I'm very interested with this new feature. Could you give me a status of the scheduled ?


    This is also a feature we are interested in. Are there any updates on the prioritisation of this or progress?

    Hello Team,

    We are also interested in this feature, could you prioritise and let us know if it is planned in near future.

    Hi everyone, Calvin from the Product team here!

    We wrapped up the implementation to support comments and will be rolling it out in the next few weeks. We'll update here once the rollout begins.