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Connector Improvement: Asana Goals


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    Hi Matthew - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. This seems like a worthwhile addition to the Asana schema. I will add this to our backlog and continue to monitor for demand for this. 




    We have a lot of clients starting to use the goals as well so this feature would make the Asana Connector very valuable. 

    Best regards, Thordis

    Hi all - I wanted to update this post to let you all know that we are working on adding goals to the Asana schema in this sprint. I will update you all here when it is ready. Marking this as Planned. 

    Any further update on timeline? This request is growing organizationally and through partners. 

    Hi All - 

    This schema addition is now available. You can find more in the release notes here and view the additions in the ERD here

    Please note, if you have the "Allow all" schema change setting turned on the new tables will be automatically added and synced to your destination.