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Connector Improvement: TikTok - add revenue data


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    Hi Jon, Drew from the Product Team here!

    We're currently working on adding several fields to our TikTok connector including "total_purchase_value". Stay tuned for an update.

    I'm not a Fivetran employee, but to answer your question of "How are we supposed to use this tiktok data to understand campaign performance without revenue?"Half the purpose of a data warehouse is that you don't trust the attribution data from individual marketing partners.  I've been using Fivetran for a long time and we've never integrated either purchase or revenue data from Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc.  They're all going to claim credit for a lot of the other's orders, so the numbers won't make sense in total.  Instead you use web analytics like Google Analytics, Segment, or Snowplow to track which marketing channels and campaigns are driving sessions, orders, and revenue on your site, and then compare that with the cost data that you get from the Fivetran Google/Facebook/TikTok/etc. connectors to get ROI.


    Stephen Ebrey - thanks for your input. We actually already do compare the data to GA revenue. However, I work at an agency, and we have clients that want to see platform data as well - which requires fivetran to show platform data if I am using that integration. 

    To go with this, it is always important to understand the delta between platform data and GA data to make more informed decisions with your digital marketing. 

    We now support these fields in the "BASIC_ADS" table!

    What is the "BASIC_ADS"  table? i dont see that in the schema