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Connector Improvement: Salesforce Commerce Cloud support custom data


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    Ray User

    Hi Hiroka,

    Thanks for this request. This is something we'd like to add support for, but it will be a matter of timing. Look forward to future announcements!

    Seconded, having custom fields is extremely important for us, otherwise our data set will be incomplete and insufficient for our analytics needs. 

    Yes, majority of our essential data points are custom objects and attributes in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. There is very little information out of the box from the current Salesforce CC - Fivetran connector that it's not worth the setup at the moment.

    We have a custom pipeline that is using the bulk API and we would love to switch over to a managed pipeline from Fivetran. 

    Hi Ray,

    This feature is an absolute must in our roadmap and will open doors for many other internal projects. Can you please let us known when it will be available?