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Connector Improvement: FulfillmentOrder in Shopify

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    Hi Bryan,

    We have three fulfillment tables in our ERD: fulfillment_event, fulfillment, and fulfillment_order_line. It sounds like you're saying the fullfillments in the fulfillment table are all pending and don't get updated with information about the fullfillments that have been completed. Is that right? Is the information in fulfillment_event useful for this?

    >  Is the information in fulfillment_event useful for this?


    Hi Ray,

    No. The information in `fulfillment_event` is distinct data from the data I want `fulfillment_order`. Perhaps the issue is confounded because the data entities are named similarly.

    A "Fulfillment" represents a record when a vender "fulfills" a customer order -- they begin the process to fabricate a product and send it to the customer.

    A "Fulfillment Event" is associated with exactly one "Fulfillment" and represents some timed event like "item shipped" or "item delivered". A "Fulfillment Event" must be created before a "Fulfillment Event" occurs.

    A "Fulfillment Order" represents a record in which a merchant sends a request to a vendor to fulfill an order. The fulfillment does not exist yet so the events that have not happened yet are not interesting to me.

    I hope this helps,


    Hi Ray, any news about the FulfillmentOrder table?
    It contains some useful information that is not shown in any of the other fulfillment tables.

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