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Connector Improvement: Allow Excel files(.xlsx or .xls or .xlsb) from S3

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    Hi Sanjana,

    Thank you so much for using Fivetran and submitting this request. We are working to expand our support for Excel files although are not yet planning to bring that support to S3. Can you share more about the excel data you are wanting to sync with our S3 connector?
    What sort of data is it?
    Does someone in your company own the files and controls the format of the data in them?
    Understanding this information will help me prioritize the ask.
    Thank you once again,

    Hi Fivetran Team,

    We are using S3 connectors to load csv files and it would be great if excel files could be added as a feature for S3 connectors. Having magic folder functionality on S3 would be ideal. 


    and support selecting one of the Excel Sheets, not just the first one.

    Being able to load *all* of the worksheets at once, and have them go to different tables, would be even better... building four connectors to load in four worksheets is cumbersome!

    Example data; I've built a lambda function to use the Cost Explorer API to generate an XLSX with four tabs for a given AWS account;

    • Monthly total
    • Daily totals
    • Daily totals by Service
    • Daily totals by Region

    This allows a full reconciliation between all four tabs to ensure that data is loaded completely before it is used in any reporting. I would like to point Fivetran at the bucket containing these XLSX files, tell it to use a stub table name of AWS_COSTS, and for it to create one table for each tab and load the data accordingly. 

    Dear Fivetran support, 

    I wanted to check, do you consider adding support for Excel files from S3 in the nearest future?


    Hi Alex 

    We have a development project working on this currently. Still no committed delivery dates I'm afraid.


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