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Connector Improvement: Connector Improvement: allow XML files in SFTP Connector

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    Hi Yaakov,

    Thank you so much for using Fivetran and submitting this request. We are considering adding XML support through our roadmap, we don't have a date yet.
    Can you confirm a little bit more about what data is captured in XML format and What analytical questions you trying to answer with it? What XML formats are you using/would you need.
    Best regards

    Hey Alison! 
    is there any update regarding the topic adding XML file support while using a sftp connector? 

    Hi Luca,

    We are still working on the details for bringing XML support to our file connectors.

    Can you share more about what data is in XML format and the use cases you trying to answer with it?

    Are there specific XML structure that you are using/would you need.

    Thank you Alison

    Alison we need this as well. Because XML formats can be varied (and in our case they vary widely), we would be fine with Fivetran just loading each raw XML record into a single column in the destination (i.e. a Variant column in Snowflake). From there, we actually convert the XML to JSON for easier manipulation.

    That, or the ability to convert XML to JSON during ingestion.

    If you're looking for a use case, this would be useful for those of us on the Oil and Gas side that need to ingest WITSML data:


    Thank you Bobby,

    Its on our roadmap - I particularly appreciate the link and use case details.


    Have you added XML format with SFTP Connector. Still can't see it?