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Connector Improvement: Performance Max campaigns included in Google Ads connectors


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    Hi Everyone, Drew from the Product Team here.

    Edit: Working to update the APIs

    Just wanted to call out that as of today (1/27/2022) the Fivetran Google Ads connector now supports the Google Ads API v8.1. We are working to upgrade to version 9.0 to support Performance Max reports. This will happen in the next two weeks.

    I also have a need for this feature, as we have accounts where performance max campaigns are 20% of spend. Not having this when google has released the feature is not ideal

    Please update the API to support performance max!

    We really need this at Omaze as well!

    This has become really critical for us too! Please update the API for performance max.

    @drew Do we need to create a new connector or can we simply update our existing connector?

    Drew Will existing connector be updated, and will it retroactively add data previous to the date of release? Also, do you have an update on expected day of release?

    Hey Everyone,

    Another update here. All connectors that have "Google Ads API" selected in the setup form will now have access to Performance Max reports.

    If your connector does not have this option, please create a new connector and configure it to pull from Google's newest APIs.

    Drew will these campaigns also be available if we use "Adwords" in the setup form?


    I think it works now.
    I created a new Google Ads Connector and Chose "Use Goolge Ads API" under API Configuration

    Thank you.

    Mahdi Rabbani, These are only available in Google's newest API version, so you'll need to select the Google Ads API option in the setup form.