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Connector Improvement: Google drive to support nested folders

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    Hi Alon,

    Thank you for using Fivetran to sync your data and for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
    With regard to support for sub-folders in our Magic folders, we felt that more targeted control on exactly what data was being sent to your Data Warehouse and how that data was to be structured in the warehouse would be afforded by not syncing sub-folders.

    I'd be interested to understand more about your use case to inform our thinking better, what data are you syncing and how is it structured such that subfolder support becomes significant? how many google drive connectors are you having to set up because we don't have this today? and have you considered exploring our APIs to help make this setup easy?

    Best regards,


    Hi Alison,
    Most of the clients which provide google drive access have many layers of folders inside a folder. So it is not practical to try to integrate each one. Right now we are looking for the best way to manage this. It would be really useful if Fivetran can provide the possibility to try to integrate all files irrespectively if they are in the main folder or subfolders. Do you have this feature into the product roadmap?

    Hi Alon,

    Thank you for responding. We do have a feature on our Google Drive roadmap to introduce the option to pick between the current Magic folder behavior and our regular file connector behavior, similar to the way our popular S3 connector works today - where all files targeted by the connector are merged into a single table in the Data Warehouse - we term this Merge Mode.

    When a file connector is in Merge Mode you can configure it to look for files in subfolders. 

    I'm curious to learn more about your specific case so I'm going to send you an email to allow some additional exploration.

    Thank you once again,


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