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New Connector: New connector for serverless Aurora POSTGRESQL DB


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    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedback in this portal! I'm Kevin from the product team -- we have looked into Aurora Serverless, and in the past, it was difficult to support because Aurora Serverless does not provide binlogs (MySQL) or WAL (Postgres), which we rely on to run incremental syncs.

    However, the good news is we have a new sync method, known as Teleport Syncs that can capture change data without binlogs! We haven't tested this yet, but I will be sure to bring this up with our engineering team to see how we could support Aurora Serverless.

    I don't have any timelines to share at the moment, but this is solid feedback for me to bring back to the team. Please stay tuned for more updates as we make progress on this.

    A rough timeline would be very helpful for this and for MySQL as well. We are now starting to put production loads in the new AWS Aurora Serverless v2. Thank you! 

    Hi James,

    We are in need of this connector as early as FEB/MAR 2022. Thank you for looking into this.

    We have tested teleport with Aurora Serverless (PostGreSQL), and it works fine :)

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