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Destination Improvement: replicate indexes from source tables to destination

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    Hi Parmjit,

    Thank you for your feedback on our feature request portal! I'm Kevin from the product team here at Fivetran.

    We don't have a concrete timeline at the moment for adding this feature. However, many customers have asked for this same functionality, so I will be sure to add yours to the tally. Can you share any additional information on the types of indices you are using, as well as how you plan to use them in the destination database? Is this primarily for performance, or are they any other potential benefits that you would like to highlight?

    Any insight you can share will help us scope out this project!


    We would like to upvote this feature and understand future timelines. Our connector is a Heroku Postgres connector and supplies most of our core tables for the business. We require the indexes for database performance and will need to look into alternative products as this feature is core to our table use. Everything in our database is slower because of this, we also lose our uniqueness definitions.

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