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New Connector: Datadog Connector


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    Hello all, we are working on releasing our initial version of a Datadog connector for General Availability, and it is currently in Private Preview. Thank you for your patience and happy data pipelining! 

    We would also be interested in some support to get to a single pane of glass with Datadog data next to our Business KPIs in our warehouse

    Just to shed some light on a potential use case:

    Datadog's analytics is limited, and I would love to do some more complicated analysis on the durations associated with APM spans.  If we could pull the spans into our destination we can do whatever SQL based analytics we want on them.

    We would also be interested in using the Datadog connector once it's live.


    Hi Fivetran team,

    Can we have an update on the status of this new connector, please?

    Several of your clients gave detailed use cases and upvotes. Time for you to move on :) 



    +1, would like to ETL datadog monitors to run anlaytics on patterns of alerts

    Hope they build the connector soon!

    +1 for this, metrics and log data

    +1, We would be interested in using a connector for Datadog

    Having a Fivetran connector to pull out the Datadog usage for our multi-organization so that we can run reports and attribute costs to different teams would be amazing!

    We would love to be able to pull Datadog data into Snowflake using a Fivetran connector so that we can add certain near-real-time metrics to our KPIs dashboard.