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Connector Improvement: Pendo: support providing Poll Response PickList Text


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    Hi Shawn Sousa, Drew from the product team here!

    Thanks for sharing this request. I can see this being a challenge for analytics use cases where polls are used. I'm putting it in the backlog for now, but I'll work on researching how best to support this in the future.

    Thanks for the feedback Drew. We are very active users of polls with our user base, and so we're still very interested in using or even piloting this feature should that opportunity be made available to us. 

    Would be a game changer! As is I ask the pendo admin to give me the CSV responses and I infer which answers are which based on how many of each answer there is. Not really fun or scalable.

    Hi Everyone, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Quick update on this request - we have completed the implementation of adding PickList text responses to the Pendo schema. You will find a new table called picklist_poll_response with three fields: responseId, pollId, and responseText to help match the current response ID in the poll_event table with the actual response text.

    Calvin thanks for the update! Is there anything we need to do client-side to expose the option to add this table to our connector? Right now I don't see picklist_poll_response in our list of available tables. 

    Hey Shawn Sousa, typically these changes roll out to customers over a few days in cohorts. You should see the table available within the next week. If you do not see it, please respond back here.

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