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Connector Improvement: Join fields for Linkedin Company Pages + Linkedin Ads Analytics


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    Hi Kevin Offemaria, Drew from the product team here!

    Thanks for sharing this feature request. I'd love to have a bit more information about how you would want to map these fields across schemas. Is joining at the account level not enough? How would these be more closely related in your use case?

    I'll also ask our contacts at LinkedIn if they have any ideas about this.

    Hi Drew - Unfortunately, joins on account_id level are not enough in this case due to the granularity on the Page Content level.

    But the great news is we actually found ID's that we can use to join data on both connectors. See sample query below. This requires further testing to confirm. Once confirmed, it would be great to have them on the FT documentation.

    SELECT  t4.reference,, t10.ugc_post_id
    FROM (select id, campaign_id, status, type, text_ad_title, text_ad_text, click_uri, reference, row_number() over (partition by id order by last_modified_time desc) as t4_rank
    from linkedin_Ads.creative_history) as t4
    LEFT JOIN (SELECT id, content_content_entities, row_number() over (partition by id order by last_modified_time desc) as t6_rank
    FROM linkedin_company_pages.share_history) as t6
    ON REGEXP_REPLACE(t4.reference, '[^0-9]+') =
    AND t6.t6_rank = 1
    LEFT JOIN linkedin_company_pages.ugc_post_share_content_media AS t10
    ON = REGEXP_REPLACE(t10.ugc_post_id, '[^0-9]+');