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Connector Improvement: Add embedded fields in survey_response table (Qualtrics)


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    Ray User

    Hi Rhéa, thanks for the request!

    We see the value of embedded fields as well and look forward to supporting them properly. Before then, we are working hard to improve the Qualtrics connector's performance and stability. I will update this thread once we have more to share regarding embedded fields!


    Ray Harris


    We have the same use case as Rhea mentioned above - we use embedded fields to connect survey responses back to other data in our data warehouse. We were directed by support to add a feature request and found this existing thread. These fields are specified while designing the survey and I have confirmed these fields are returned when using Qualtrics's survey response API call ( However, they are not included in the survey_response table provided by the Qualtrics connector. 

    Are there any updates on adding embedded fields to the survey response table? Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

    Thank you,


    +1 on this one, our use-case for Qualtrics data also relies on embedded data fields for tracking data across customer interactions. Can you please give an update and timeline for implementing this feature? 

    Embedded data on responses would also be huge for us.   Because embedded data is so configurable and could result in an undetermined number of columns, I would suggest not implementing the same way you did with embedded data on core_contact. . I would suggest embedded data be stored separately in a 1:M relationship of responseid, embedded_data_field, embedded_data_value.  This is inspired from the Greenhouse recruiting platform data model for what they call `custom_fields` (although this is not how Fivetran has chosen to model this data, opting for the custom_* approach) 



    +1 embedded fields are very useful for our use case as well, and will make the data coming from qualtrics for us.

    AND +1 for  elizabeth peters

    amen sister!

    Same here - we run surveys using embedded fields and rely on them to identify the user that responded. Without those fields we don't know who actually responded and are unable to take any customer action.

    +1 on this, looking forward to this being added!