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    Sam User

    Hi Priya, Sam from the Product Team here - thanks for submitting this request! Unfortunately, we do not have Bamboo HR planned at this time. That said, have you looked into using a cloud function or a Fivetran webhook to pull your Bamboo HR data? In the meantime, we will continue to collect customer demand to justify the commitment to support & maintain a high-quality Fivetran connector. Every upvote on this request increases the case to build it.


    Samuel Dawit
    Source Partner Manager

    Hello Team,

    We have a request from our HR team to pull data from Bamboo HR and I don't see a connector in Fivetran. It would be helpful, if you could prioritize this request.


    Can I get an update on this request please? 

    Hi all - We have begun developing this connector. Thank you all for your patience and upvotes! 

    Stay tuned for more details!


    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for the update - what kind of turnaround could we expect on this? Just so I don't invest time in a cloud function if I don't need to.

    Many Thanks,


    Hey Fivetran-Support,


    We would like to get on the Private Preview list, if possible. 

    Thank you very much in advance.



    We'd like to add our account to the private preview petition too, if possible. 


    I would also like to be added to the preview for this connector.

    Many Thanks,


    Hi all - this connector is in Private Preview currently and will be released to Beta on Feb 16. 

    Thank you for your patience! 

    does this feature support custom fields? I've got a number attached to the employee we're interested in syncing

    Hi Kyle - Yes! We do support Custom Data on the EMPLOYEE table only currently. 


    Hi, thanks for developing this.

    It appears that the time off request is defaulting to today as the end date, can we change this? I'd like to be able to see future holiday requests, as it stands I can only see requests where the start date is < today. It would be preferable if we can alter this so that the end data is < next year.

    See here:

    Start date and end date are mandatory, it appears it is set to pull in today's date currently.