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Destination Improvement: Automatically Delete Rows Marked as _fivetran_deleted in Destination

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    As we're adding more tables, it is becoming inefficient to manually add a transformation to hard delete records for each table. Does Fivetran have a planned solution to this? 

    Fivetran uses Salesforce logs to determine whether a record is deleted. When the records/logs are hard deleted in Salesforce, it will erroneously assume that is_deleted = false, because there is no log to check against. Revenue for an opportunity is a sum of products. Since all old entries of products are often wrongly flagged as is_deleted = false (due to hard delete), the sum for all products can be 4x what is should be.  Tableau is showing the correct sum, because it only pulls what's currently in Salesforce and ignores old entries. Please use the same approach.

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