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Connector Improvement: Native Leads in Snapchat


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    Hi all,

    Luke from the Product team here! Thanks for responding to this feature request. We completed this work in November 2023. I'm posting an update here for visibility. You can select native_leads as a metric when creating a custom report on our Snapchat Ads connector. 

    I'm going to mark this feature request as completed. 


    Hi Jamie Boggs, Drew from the Product Team here!

    I just took a peek at Snapchat's API docs and it look like in the Measurement -> Additional Metrics section there is a "native_leads" metric. I'll get this prioritized.

    Wonderful! I assume there will be communication when this is in place?

    Any new updates here, Drew?

    Hi team, is there any ETA for this ticket? Thanks.

    Hello @Drew, 


    I need this metric and still see it unavailable.


    Any ETA?