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Transformations: API Support for Transformation Management


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  • Anna User

    Hi David DeWitt, we are planning to build Transformations management for dbt into the REST API later this year. If you're interested in being an early tester of this feature, I'd love to hear more about your use case. What actions would you find most valuable in the API?

    I would like to be able to create a Basic Transformation via the rest API.

    My use case is that I have another service which creates a significant number of connectors, and for each there is a small SQL statement that I want to be executed after the connector has completed synchronisation.

  • Anna User

    Thanks for elaborating Richard– I'll add this to our backlog and continue to monitor this ticket for upvotes. In the meantime, I'm interested in setting up some time with you to discuss the transformations roadmap more broadly.

  • Anna User

    David DeWitt Richard Flitcroft are you still interested in a REST API for transformations? Would love to add you to our Private Preview program.

    Note that we have notification of events by webhook, this is not as important.
    However we are aiming to automate and codify as much as possible, and the ability to configure DBT setup via API/Terraform would be valuable.

      Yes, please add me to your private preview program.
      Thank you!
  • Anna User

    Sent you both an email with more information!

    Are there any plans to add transformations to the Fivetran Terraform provider? If that's available in private preview, I'd be happy to try it out! 

  • Anna User

    Hi Brian Marks– transformations endpoints are not yet on the short-term roadmap for the Terraform provider. I've opened a ticket for the relevant team to prioritize!

    Is this feature implemented ? I was looking in support docs to trigger transformation via API or Airflow

  • Anna User

    @Ashwini Transformations API endpoints are available in Private Preview, and the docs are here. Please reach out directly to if you run into issues.