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Connector Improvement: Jira Connector: Agile Metrics need more tables and dimensions imported


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    Hi Robert - 

    My name's Erin and I'm the Product Manager for Engineering Connectors. This is an interesting feature request and we've seen a few other requests for this in the past. I'll add this to our backlog to research more into the technical feasibility. 

    Thanks so much,


    Thanks Erin!

    Whenever you need, I'd love to beta test any improvments you can make.

    The other place to look for inspiration might be this DBT:

    I'm not familiar with dbt so not sure how to use that, but it seems to do part of the job.

    The other part that's definitely needed would be to add the ability to ingest custom fields. Almost every jira instance is customized with custom fields to help with particular of the business and those are very important to dashboards and reports (aka, if you have Themes or Customer Segments you want to organize your work against).


    PS: I've also noticed that the Projects Table link you have in the Jira ERD points to deprecated Atlassian APIs; hopefully, your team is working on updating to the new API.

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