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Connector Improvement: Allow Webhook Relays with SendGrid Connector


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    Hi Matthew - 

    Thanks for submitting this request. I can see the conundrum that you're facing. This is the first we've heard about this issue but I've passed this along to our engineers to see if they have any thoughts on implementing the solution you proposed or if there is a different avenue. 


    So, just another note on this.

    Within the SendGrid connector Setup area, I see that after the initial sync there is a Webhook URL displayed. Something like:

    I'm assuming that if we used a webhook relay service, this is the URL that we'd ultimately be forwarding the webhooks to. Does that webhook URL ever get changed? At least this might be a possible workaround.

    I'm having this exact same issue. Hoping Fivetran can come up with a solution. The proposed solution from the original commenter sounds reasonable.

    Hi Erin we are having the exact same issue too - There can be only one webhook in Sendgrid and either Fivetran gets it and no other internal application can use it or we will have to stop using Fivetran with Sendgrid. 

    Is there any plan to allow Fivetran'd webhook to consume events from another source? Is the problem IP whitelisting/security group related?


    hi, i'm also facing this issue.

    i went ahead and started to handle the sendgrid webhooks in my own service and relay the events to the full fivetran url that is updated after the initial sync. everything seemed fine, but eventually the connector stopped syncing bc of configuration issues. it seems like fivetran are validating the sendgrid configuration before sync? is there any way to skip this validation or just consume sendgrid webhooks from a source other than sendgrid itself as originally requested?

    Hi All - Thanks for continuing to express a need for this feature. It's something we are researching. 

    From my understand, Sendgrid has different pricing tiers, and the free tier is the only one that supports a single webhook. Their 3 higher tiers support 2, 5, and 5 webhooks respectively. 

    If you could share more information about if you are on the free tier and are thus limited to just one webhook, or are on another tier and are already using all of your remaining webhooks in other integrations? 


    @Erin thank you for pointing that out. Looks like that feature was just rolled out this past week:

    We'll be taking a look.

    Hi - Yes it does look like as of May 3, 2023 Sendgrid now supports multiple webhooks:


    Hi Erin, 

    It looks like the connector doesn't work well with multiple webhooks already defined. We are using other webhooks to track events, but SendGrid connector currently requires only one. 

    Do you have any timeline to share regarding fixing his?

    Hi Jakub - Great question. We are actively working on this right now. It should be available in the next couple of weeks we expect.