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Connector Improvement: Email Connector functionality Improvement


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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your feedback here. I am curious what files you are using with the email connector and how you would want to pick which column should be used to identify when to treat a row as new or as a duplicate? Basically how would you want us to identify the primary key to use? One difficulty is that it may be hard for us to infer what the primary key is (ie which columns we should use), and selecting it manually may not be the best user experience.

    I will share this request with the team, although we do not have a plan to implement this improvement at this time.

    Thank you again, 


    Hi, is there any update to this feature request? Ideally we could opt to have the new email attachment replace the entire table each time it comes in, rather than stacking each sync.

    I also had a use-case for deduping csv/email data. At the moment, we're using Sigma to export workbooks to csv. In order to dedupe data, we have a transformation to delete all data that doesn't match a recent upload.

    I think a good solution would be have upsert, append, or replace options. Append would keep the current functionality, replace would delete (not truncate) the entire data set before insertion, and upsert would replace based on a user-defined primary key (built from a sample of the initial import.)