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Connector Improvement: Facebook Ads connector feature requests


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    Hi Nil Serra, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for this request, just to confirm, you are looking for the names of the images and videos? Or are you looking for additional fields?

    As far as "skan_conversion_id" and "targeting_excluded_geo_locations" I'll look into getting these added. Both seem like fairly straight forward inclusions.

    Hi Drew,

    Yes, we only need image names and video titles.

    Regarding the "targeting_exluded_geo_locations" we would need the fields: countries, regions and country_groups. If you could also add these fields for "targeting_geo_locations" would be nice, because for now there's only the countries field.

    Thank you!

    Hi Drew

    What we would need is:

    1.  ad_image and ad_video ingestions (only id and name)
    2.  Insight report using skan_conversion_id breakdown
    3.  Adding targeting_excluded_geo_locations and targeting_geo_locations fields to the adset_history table


    Nil Serra

    Hi Drew,

    Is there any motion regarding this feature request? When could we expect it in the Facebook Ads connector?

    We also need the `skan_conversion_id` breakdown for our needs.


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