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  • Official comment

    Hi everyone, Calvin from the Product team here!

    We are nearly complete with the implementation of Shopify Payouts and are finalizing testing. Once this is ready to be rolled out, our team will update here.

  • Ray User

    Hi Justinas,

    This sounds like a great area of Shopify that we should support. It's not currently planned, but we'll pay close attention to this topic to gauge demand.

    Are you able to share any detail on the analytics use case here? I would be very interested to learn more!

    All the best,

    Ray Harris
    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics

    Hi Ray,

    The use case is payment reconciliation process in the ERP system.

    For that we'd need to extract and load Payouts + Transactions from Shopify Payments APIs to our destination DB. We would link every deposit from Shopify to our bank account (scheduled daily or weekly) to the corresponding Shopify Order/Transaction.

    We have the same desire for the same use cases as others on this thread have listed. Just upvoted as well.

    my org could use this too!

    We could use this as well. Is this on the roadmap at all?

    You guys are literally fivetran how do you not have this already? I'm currently building a custom solution for same use case, would use fivetran for this if I could, but alas cannot 

    I just opened a ticket about this exact issue.  I assumed it was a problem, but apparently it is a feature, not a bug?

    Doesn't make any sense, considering that they access scopes are specified in the FT documentation.

    I'm also waiting for this feature. Any updates here?

    any updates here?


    We are waiting for this as well! Is there an update on this?

    My take is that we will wait until the end of times (plural) before fivetran responds to this ticket… and until the end of eternity until it’s delivered. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong

    Thank you so much Calvin! 

    This is really great to hear... and I am VERY glad to admit I was wrong about my comment a couple of days back... 

    @Calvin, Any updates on this? It's been 6 months since your last comment.