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Connector Improvement: Amplitude "Category" support


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    Hi Alex and Ray, Drew from the Product Team here!

    I see that there is a get all categories endpoint in the Taxonomy API that will list all available categories.

    Looking at the attributes delivered in an event, I don't see category available. Is that provided in the "event_properties" JSON or elsewhere in the response?

    I'm just trying to understand how this data can be related to other parts of the schema.

    I was about to add a similar ticket but Alex above has pretty much the same request. We are looking for category and description data found in the Taxonomy API.

    Our plan is to use this category data to filter and group our events.

    Hi Drew, that is essentially the issue from our side, we would like the category but it is not returned in the event. From what I can see the only way to connect the category from the Taxonomy API is to join on Event Type. Crossing my fingers it's a unique key?

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