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Other: Pagerduty integration

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    Andrew Morse User

    Hi Everyone! We've officially launched the ability to send notifications to any email address. You can read up on how to use this in our documentation. PagerDuty, and other messaging/incident management systems, accept email based messages so this should allow for better integration with these systems. We've also documented steps to integrate emails with these systems as well.

  • Andrew Morse User

    Thanks for the feedback Christoph. While we don't have this integration on the roadmap yet, we are exploring better integrations with alerting systems.

    We are currently working on functionality that allows you to send notifications to a non-user email address (and control them independently from your own). This would allow more streamlined incident creation, but wouldn't close them. When this is really for private preview, would you be interested in checking it out? 

    Yes, thank you Andrew, that would help - is there a timeline for these operational email settings to be released?

  • Andrew Morse User

    Christoph- I've gone ahead and put you on the list for the private preview, which I'm anticipating will be towards the end of October. 


    Are there any updates to this? Can I get added to the preview?

  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Rob Bathgate- We are actually now gearing up to launch the Private Preview for Non-User Email Notifications. I've marked your name down to contact once we're ready to enable this. I'm expecting to reach out next week. 

    Andrew - we'd also be interested in trialing non-user notifications for our account, if possible. Our primary use-case is PagerDuty as well.

  • Andrew Morse User

    Patrick McLaren - Yes! I'll shoot you an email to confirm.

    @..., same here, I would like to trial this for a PagerDuty setup.