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Connector Improvement: Enable Filtering of Facebook Actions to Avoid Millions of Wasted Rows

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    Is this something that could be implemented? Is clearly supported by the API. 


    We have exactly the same problem. In our case, in our setup for the Facebook Ads connector, we have a couple of custom reports that use action_type action breakdown (same as in the request above), but this produces 10s of thousands of records on daily basis due to all action types being pulled - where we just need one of them.

    The lack of filtering (concretely, to choose a specific action_type) is driving our costs significantly, thus forcing us to give up on action breakdowns. Therefore, we'd also urge you in enabling this, (as said above, it's already supported by the Facebook API).


    I want the same thing by for MySQL. Really need the ability to not take every row to keep costs down.