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Transformations: Option to trigger DBT automatically when a sync completes


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  • Anna User

    Hi Alex! This feature is coming later this year. Would you be interested in testing integrated scheduling with us in Private Preview?

    Hi Anna, I would be interested on that private preview

  • Anna User

    Cesar Oliart great! We'll add you to our list. Are you interested in getting an early walkthrough of the product? We're looking for UX reviewers for the next month or so.

    for sure, I'm been using dbt on fivetran since the last few months so everything related to that I would be more than glad to test 

    Hi @... , any news about this?

  • Anna User

    Cesar Oliart we are planning to launch to users in mid-Q4. I emailed you last month to set up time to chat, but it looks like the email address bounced! Feel free to book time with me on Calendly here, otherwise let me know what's a good email for me to reach you at.


    I see this feature was planned for release this quarter. Are there any updates on the schedule?

    Thank you!

    Hi, I too am interested in knowing when this feature might be available for private preview, beta, or general availability. It would be very useful for our application. Thanks!

  • Anna User

    Nick and Ben, we have released integrated scheduling in Private Preview, and it will be entering Beta in February. Let me know if you are interested in early access, and I can add you to one of our rolling cohorts next month!

    Hi @...

    I'm curious about all of the available integrations for when a Fivetran sync completes. Could we possibly trigger something in AWS when this event happens? Is this an option with the feature you said was in private preview?

  • Anna User

    Steven Williamson we do not currently trigger events in platforms outside of Fivetran, but we do have webhooks available, which you can use to listen to Fivetran events and trigger processes in other platforms.

    Hi Ana,

    Has been this feature released? Currently, I would like to trigger dbt jobs when my connector completed syncing data from the source to data lake.

  • Anna User

    Tram Tran integrated scheduling is available in all accounts– have you set up your connection to dbt in Fivetran?