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New Connector: Auth0 users api

Not planned

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    Sabrina Porter User

    Hi Rebecca, Sabrina from the Product Team here - thanks for submitting this request! Unfortunately, we do not currently have this planned. That said, have you looked into using a cloud function to pull your Autho0 data? Check out the Autho0 API documentation here. In the meantime, we will continue to collect customer demand to justify the commitment to support & maintain a high-quality Fivetran connector. Every upvote on this request increases the case to build it.


    Sabrina Porter
    Product Intern

    Hi Sabrina


    Thanks for the quick response. I implemented a cloud function for this and it is working great. It was very easy to set up too and the Fivetran instructions for it were very helpful.

    Could you share an example of how you did it Rebecca Cronin-Dixon ?
    @... do you have any example of how to deal with paginated requests?

    We are also interested in this and are also wondering if you could post a generalized version of the function here in the meantime.