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Connector Improvement: TikTok Ads


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    Hi everyone, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Jumping in to provide a quick update on this. We just rolled out TikTok Ads custom reports (see setup guide), which means you can configure your own reporting tables with the desired Report Level, Dimensions, Aggregate and Metrics you'd like to see.

    Hope this helps!

    Adding to what Emiel has said, I'm worried to current setup could lead to inconsistent data. We recently launched on TikTok optimizing for Add to Carts to get the algorithm quicker learnings, so ATC's is what is coming through in the Conversions field. Shor term, we cannot pull Orders right now, making this connector unusable. Long term, if/when we move to optimizing for Orders, I would assume the Conversions field would change as well leading to bad data, yes?

    Hi Emiel and Preston Sagastegui-Smith, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for testing the TikTok Ads connector, this type of feedback is super helpful. I love hearing about the metrics that you all are tracking with Fivetran!

    As far as this particular request. Is there a way you would like this data to be made available to you? TikTok has a significant number of columns and the initial effort was to make a starter set of reports available. Based on your feedback, it appears that making custom reports available in the TikTok connector may be the best solution. Would that work for you both?

    Hey Drew, thanks for coming back to this. Custom reports does indeed seem to be the best solution, allowing us to pick and choose which attributes Fivetran imports.

    Thanks for suggesting the solution, I'm confident it should work for almost everyone!

    Any update on this going into the roadmap?

    Two options that could work for our case -

    1. Build this similar to facebook with dedicated "action" and "action_value" tables. 
    2. Pull in all standard event fields as columns, with count and value columns for each standard event 

    The value provided by this connector is fairly limited without the ability to track purchases/revenue. 

    Thank you!

    We've had many of our customers ask for this data (we use Powered by Fivetran), it would be great to include it.

    Adding to what Emiel and Preston said, I'd also like to see fivetran work on pulling in more TikTok metrics and allow custom report just like what you have for google, FB, etc.

    For context, we're also optimizing to a non KPI event in order to get more data and are not able to pull a breakdown of the conversion metrics (we use 'complete registration' as KPI). Without that, the data is pretty much useless, and i find myself constantly going back to tiktok reporting (not ideal) when i need to check performance.

    Any updates on timeline for this? Would really love the ability to pull add_to_cart and complete_payment! The ability to generate custom reports would be perfect.

    Hi Jasmyn,

    We just completed implementing the code to support some additional Page Event, App Event and In App metrics, and plan to slowly roll this out to customers soon. We also have TikTok Ads Custom Reports planned for the current quarter (Feb - Apr) - I'll update here once that is complete.

    Hey Calvin,

    Can you provide a descriptive list of the conversion events the new update supports? We are testing a POC and without conversion events the TikTok connector is pretty useless. Thanks!

    Hi Jonathan - below is a list of the new events we are rolling out this quarter (see also TikTok Ads API docs):

    Attribution Metrics

    • All attribution Metrics

    Page Event Metrics

    • Complete Payment
    • Complete Registration
    • Add to Cart
    • Add to Wishlist
    • Initiate Checkout
    • View Content
    • Download

    In-App Event Metrics

    • Purchase
    • Add to Cart
    • View Content
    • Registration
    • Add to Wishlist
    • Checkout

    As mentioned in my previous comment, we also plan to add support for TikTok Ads custom reports in the current quarter which will allow you to pick which metrics to sync.

    Hi Calvin,

    With the custom reports, will Clicks on Music Disc be available from the Engagement metrics? Thanks!